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JB Grand Sentosa Nov 2013

We stayed in Grand Sentosa again from 25 to 27 Nov. After checking into the hotel, we had massage at Fizzio which is opposite the hotel - RM125 for 2 hours as I was suffering from back pain.. After that we had Bak Kut Teh with sesame chicken and salted vegetables at Soon Soon Heng restaurant opposite KSL - one of my favourite local restaurant. After some shopping at KSL, we had coffee in the coffee shop next to KSL. I like the goreng pisang from the Malay stall which was so cheap and nice.. the meat bun from the dim sum stall is so juicy with thin dough. I also love the fried fish ball from the noodle stall.
the deluxe room at RM155 per night is very spacious with a big 42 inch TV

the massage is good and relatively cheap at Fizzio

Nice Bak Kut The at Soon Soon Hen... I always ask them to add 粉肠 and the soup is so nice - not overwhelmed by the herbs.

Salted vegetable - a great companion for rice

sesame oil chicken - cooked just what my mum did.

The restaurant is always packed with patrons.

the juice of the meat would ooze out with every bite!

Love the coffee and goring pisang - 6 for RM2

very small deep fried fishball - another of my favourite

Dinner at Arashi restaurant in KSL and brought back bbq from Kimdo opposite our hotel Grand Sentosa
I ordered Herbal soup and hubby Sukiyaki.. I love the herbal soup/

My black plum drink and hubby's citron drink.

Can help to indulge in the bbq items from Kimdo which is located opposite Grand Sentosa Hotel. Highly recommend the chicken wing which is deboned - both spicy and non-spicy. Hubby loves the fish and I like the quail eggs and abalone slices as well.

Massage in the same building as the hotel operates till 3am! Had another late night foot massage and there is free buffet. Took some chicken and toast with the Tongkat Ali Coffee..
Lunch at Tang Shifu at Aeon Tebrau City.. my favourite mee suah shop..with free wifi

Hubby likes the wine soup version.
I prefer the dry mee suah with dried scallop and abalone slices/

nice flower tea at Tang Sifu

Stop over at Macau express for the coffee - not as good as the one from the coffee shop next to KSL.
I went crazy over the food at the Pasar malam at Pelangi which operates every Tues. my favourite salted baked chacoal grilled chicken, juicy and crunchy corn ... long list.
These are the two Pasar Malam which I will visit if I go to JB - one operates on Monday near KSL and the other on Tues along Jalan Perang.  There is another one which operates at Johor Jaya on Sat.
 the rosalle plum juice洛神乌梅茶is very good.. nice taste and really helped in the digestion of my food.. too bad it must be refrigerated and cannot be kept for more than 7 days.. highly recommended

oor stinky bean curd stall 臭豆腐.. has to locate itself far fr the rest across the road.. you can smell it fr a distance so definitely can find it... hubby said it is very nice and he finished all before I could try

Like these traditional 茶粿 one with vegetables and the other one with 豆沙

This is my main reason for going to the Pasar Malam - Salt baked Chargrilled Chicken

The taste and smell still lingers in my mind - salt and charcoal.

the sweet corn is really sweet and crunchy - unlike the sticky version in Thailand and Taiwan.
What a feast at Pelangi food court 彩虹  .. can't resist the temptation of the claypot rice .. plus my hubby favourite penang kway tiao and the juicy bbq chicken... his favourite猪红(猪血)

the chicken wings are so well cooked that it is not too dry and when you bite on it, the juice or rather marinade will fill your mouth.. superb!

extinct in Singapore - 猪红或猪血

Love the smell from those claypot rice - could not resist the temptation - you must really try this if you are here.

Generous portions of chicken, sausage with the sauce would really make you come back for more.

There were 2 luk luk vans when we stayed in Grand Sentosa hotel this time round. One near Old Town Coffee shop in the same building and the other across the street near to 7-11.

this stall near Old Town has seafood items such as prawns and cuttlefish which I ordered for supper!

this stall near to 7-11 seemed more crowded

wild boar and mutton satay, intestine, bean curd sticks. bbq

Took the breakfast at the food court in Sentosa plaza .

Very nice chee cheong fun at the foodcourt.. soft with traditional sauce .. the way I like

Porridge in a nearby coffee shop for lunch
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Hi, is Grand Sentosa Hotel very near to KSL city mall? said...

nope. Holiday Villa JB centre is nearer