Malacca 8 to 12 June 2017

Day 1  
Grateful that our hotel was able to arrange for point to point transfer at RM550 from our home to the hotel.

No traffic jam at Tuas checkpoint. Took us around 3.5 hour to get to Malacca with a halfway stop at Yong Peng.

Checked into Courtyard@Heeren, a beautiful boutique hotel restored from a Peranakan building. It is so conveniently located next to Jonker street with so many eateries and attractions nearby.


After putting our luggage in the room,  we went for a body massage at Huo Long  located at Jalan Hang Lekir near to the hotel.

We took a trishaw to Capitol Satay located at Lorong Bukit Cina. I like the intestine, quail egg and the roti in the satay sauce. However feels that some of the selection does not go well with satay sauce and the sauce is a bit spicy.

Went to shop at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall and ate at Tang Shifu. Still feel that the one in Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor is so much better.

Decided to try out the popular Nadeje Cafe crepe cake and hubby ordered the Tar Tar Chicken which was delicious as well.

Dinner at Geographer Cafe was quite a disappointment. The tom yum coconut soup and fruit rojak were not impressive and the satay meat was too tough.
However the cocktail lychee martini and the AK47 were good.


Decided to pack the gula melaka chicken wing from Eleven Bistro but was another disappointment as it was extremely salty... wonder where is the gula melaka?

Day 2
Started the day with breakfast from the hotel. The breakfast is in the building opposite the hotel. They actually sells Pernarakan clothings. Lacking in the spread but very cosy. At least the egg order come fast!

As it was still early, we checked out the Straits Chinese Jewellery Museum Melaka.

 The Yong Chun Clan house nearby before our private tour.

We had engaged a 10 hour private tour at RM350 with the help of the hotel. 

Our first stop was the famous Klebang coconut shake but I have forgotten its a Friday during fasting month so it was not opened, We moved on to my next itinerary which was the submarine museum at Klebang.  Had a difficult time locating it and can't believe how cramped the submarine was.

We then looked at the sand dunes on reclaimed land. Most were stabalised by weeds and plants which grown on it.

The main reason for engaging the driver was to visit Pulau Konet where there is a tombolo (sand path linking mainland to island) linking it from Jalan Telok Gong. The tombolo will be submerged underwater during high tide.

oxidation of the rocks

Harvesting the oyster during low tide

Running water forming a creek

Tombolo linking to Pulau Konet which is visible only during low tide

You can see the tombolo linking Pulau Konet to the mainland behind me. It will be submerged under water during high tide.

 Aerial roots of the mangrove trees on the island

After that we tried to find food but most of the eateries were closed, even those at Freeport A'Famosa Outlet. Forced to eat at Mary brown, the only eatery opened, as I never like to eat at Fast food. Most of the shops were under-stocked and do not have the sizes we want so we left the place.

Originally planned to visit the Machap Walk night market but it was not opened yet. Our driver said the one at Jonker street is much better as the stalls at Machap walk night market has dwindled to only around 25. Took the popular 'dog ears' which is actually wanton and the red noodle. The coffee was so good I am missing it already.

Attracted by the aroma of the famous roti kok from Kia Fatt in Machap Walk.

He brought us for more shopping @ Aeon, Ayer Keroh. We managed to get some of our stuff there and then returned to our hotel. Stopped by at a restaurant selling coconut shake.

We gotten a massage at Jonker street where the stage is and then went to get some snacks from Jonker street.

These are actually bun with char siew meat inside which looks like mushroom.

The fried rice was very good. Average for fried carrot cake and kway tiao.

My favorite drink buah long long.

Preparing the oyster which are grilled. We packed them back to the hotel.
Though the oysters are big, I still prefer the oyster with HY special sauce in Johor.

Day 3

My favourite photo in Malacca taken at the Casababa gallery near our hotel.

Tried out the Johor and Kelantan coffee at the 13 States coffee. Disappointed that the coffee are so diluted.. missed the aroma of the coffee which was stronger at Machap walk coffeeshop.

Went over to try out the chicken rice balls - the queue at Chong Hwa was so long and there are no shelter so we decided to queue at Hoe Kee.

I like the Hoe Kee chicken rice ball but hubby find it too salty.

Started to rain so we asked a taxi to bring us to bring us to Aeon Bandaraya. Along the way, hubby told the driver the disappointment over the chicken rice ball so he brought us to eat at Huang Chang which was more popular with the locals for its chicken rice ball. Indeed hubby liked it more. 

He then suggested that we visit Touch city. 

The rotating Kuan Yin

He finally dropped us at Aeon Bandaraya and charged us RM150 (RM 50 per hour which was much steeper than the RM35 per hour which the hotel has engaged for us).

We love the spring roll at Secret recipe. We then took a cab back to our hotel. 

Went to Jonker Street Hawker Centre and fell in love with the duck egg oyster omelette and Fish head steamboat nearby.

Went for another round of foot massage at Wan Yang at Jonker street and then gotten some snacks from the Jonker Street Night market.

Day 4
Woke up early to go to the Sunday flea market also known as little antique market along Jalan Hang Lekir (right next to the popular Geographer Cafe) which is only opened every Sunday morning till 12 noon. 

Wanted to eat at Lung Ann but it was too crowded. Crossed the bridge and found this restaurant at the road junction. Love the thosai which I ordered and hubby ordered roti canai. The gravy came in smaller buckets.

We then took a trishaw to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall and ate at A&W

Took some more photos at Nyonya Memoirs level 3 Dataran Pahlawan Megamall but disappointed their costume are too small for me. 


We then ate at Kochik restaurant after massage at Wang Yang (the one near Geographer cafe)

As it was too hot we went to the 3DJonker opp mamee museum. Very disappointed with the limited display and the Wulin cafe had already closed. 

Went to Cheng Ho museum but the museum was closing at 6 pm so we went to explore the nearby kampong kuli street art.

Dinner at Pak putra - love the tandoori chicken! 

More street food at the Jonker street night market.

Day 5
Finally got to eat at Lung Ann Refreshment. Toast and coffee.  

Cheng Ho Museum

The personal well of Cheng Ho. Didn't realised it's so small.. got hubby to stand next to it to show how small it is.

Took a cab to Restoran Lee Ho for its popular wanton mee and char kway tiao.

Sam Po Kong Temple and Hang Li poh well

Went back to Jonker street and packed the famous Jonker 88 Laksa - Nyonya assam laksa and Baba laksa but both are so spicy. You need to pay RM 1.80 for the bag or you can bring your own.

Wang Yang foot massage before we went over to Jonker street hawker centre - love the roast pork which was so crispy.

Wanted to take the Melaka River Cruise  but it was so hot so we went to Dataran Palawan and ate at Secret Recipe. After that we took a trishaw to the jetty but realised it was closed and will only be opened at 8 pm!

After the cruise, we went back to the hotel but felt hungry later so went to Salud Tapas for supper. The beef and grilled pork were fantastic with the Spanish drink Sangria.

Day 6
Leaving Malacca and brought the fried bee hoon from a grandma but it was too salty.

The driver is much better and brought us to a popular fish ball noodle restaurant at Yong Peng.

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