Genting dream cruise Day 3 and 4, Surabaya and Bali

Day 3 Surabaya

Approaching Surabaya. Nice view from the living room which is just above the captain's bridge.  

Interesting statue at the port. Monument of Jalesveva Jayamahe which is 30.6m tall supported on a 30m tall building. Locally referred to as Monjaya. Indonesian Navy officer wearing Ceremonial Service Dress, complete with his sword of honor, staring far to the sea as if he's ready to challenge the ocean's tide and storms.

First stop in Surabaya with our friend guide Harry. House of Samoerna. Cigarette making factory cum museum. Wanted to go to Chinatown but Harry told us the street vendors are no longer there. 

Got to have coffee in the morning. Harry brought us to one which prepare freshly grind Aceh coffee. 

At Kassa Cafeteria. Love the Lontong so soft and the gado gado. Special pink soursop and Dawwt chendol

Cheng Ho Mosque

Submarine machine. Seemed longer than the one in Malacca but more cramped.

Shopped at Surabaya plaza.

Our guide, Harry, brought us to buy some local cakes. Found my favourite goreng pisang nearby. Got the shock when the vendor spread the sweeten milk and cheese. Ask for a separate one and gave that to my driver. Only $1 (10000 rupiah) per box!

Set complimentary dinner at Teppanyaki. Not really impressed as there are better ones in Singapore.

At the Genting club waiting for my cocktails. Black Russian which is volkha tasted better than Bramble which is mainly gin.

Great performance by Rhythm divine Latin ballroom and vocal by Kyle and Rachel.


Great vocal of the Duo performance, Fenooz and Hazel, at the lobby. Fenooz sang Chinese songs whereas Hazel English songs. Enjoyed more cocktails- Penicillin (whisky) and Mary Pickford (volkha) complementary in the drink package while enjoying their music.


Supper from lobby cafe. Pandan Maya toast set, goreng bee hoon and nasi lemak. 

 Day 4 Bali
Bali is such a beautiful island. No wonder so many people are attracted to Bali. My tour guide Putu Tuarta Aryakenceng would like to welcome all to Bali. Look for him if you are in Bali Whatsapp +6281805395889. Our Butler brought us to level 4 to board the tender boat. Initially they wanted to pack the tender boat with 150, but then they decided to go ahead with only 2 of us on the tender boat! First to arrive at the port. Such warm welcoming

Beautiful view of the rice field terrace wiith our private tour guide Putu. Our guide Putu is such a good photographer too. He plucked a grain of rice from the plant to show us.


At Kubu Kopi. The in house guide is so good in explaining the plants grown in the plantation as well as letting us try the various tea and coffee. Love the Kopi Luwat and the dadar. However for the pisang, prefer Surabaya as it was much crispy on the outside and richer inside.

Visited the Banjar hotspring. Will plan for a longer stay in Bali next year and enjoy soaking in hotspring.


Went to the beautiful Buddhist temple Brahma Vihara Arama  also known as Borobudur Miniature. Beautiful pictures of us taken by our guide Putu 

Local Babi guling lunch. Love it

At Lovina Beach. Simply too hot. Going back to port. One and half hr ride from lovina beach back to the port.

Our ship viewed from the tender boat.

Have not climbed so much for a long time. Getting a foot massage in our ship as our legs are aching. Age catching up

Our butler sent us our anniversary cake and drinks. Told them it's our 25th ROM anniversary and 24th wedding anniversary but I supposed they are confused and wrote 25th wedding anniversary. Quite a big one and we definitely cannot finish.

Love my dinner at Silk road restaurant so much we made reservation here again tomorrow for lunch. Good service and food

My Latte Macchiato and hubby's Cafe Latte at the lobby cafe. The curry puff is nice

Performance by Fenooz and Hazel at the lobby again. Ordered the cocktails from the bar as its complimentary. Caipirinha which contains the Brazilian Sagatiba and Daiquiri with Barcadi. Caipirinha taste better

Bought the photos taken at Bali port today $24 with the photo sleeve, $18 without.

The voyage of a lover's dream . mainly acrobatics and dance. Don't see the love story at all... But fantastic acrobatic performance. The costumes were amazing too.

Love the curry chicken from lobby cafe... Not so for mee rebus. Family games now so quite crowded in the lobby.

Ordered two cocktails back to our room - Gimlet (dry gim) taste better than mojito (Barcadi and soda)..