JB Grand Sentosa Hotel 2017

Day 1
Was expecting a traffic jam as it was Malaysia National Day and the day after was Hari Raya but we took only 45 mins from my house to the hotel!

Checked in Grand Sentosa Hotel followed by dim sum at Aeon Tebrau City.
Love the Portuguese tarts and chicken wing at Macau Express in Aeon Tebrau City.And of course first coffee of the day.

We went for massage at Let's relax Spa in the same building as my hotel. 1 hour foot massage and 2 hour body massage for only RM130 per pax. Ambience is good though the foot massage area seems more like a threatre as they projected a movie and the seats are big.

 Dinner at Modern revelation.. a restaurant serving hotpot which I must visit. Too bad the fish paste and special prawns not available today.

So many changes at where I am staying . A pub call classroom and so many mobile vendors. Supper from the mobile vendors. Heard they will be here on Tuesday and Thursday.

Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel lobby. Spread is now much better. Like the pandan bun. Wish the coffee is richer though.

Hubby miss A&W so we went over to Aeon Bukit Indah. Love the crispy curly fries. Love soft bun and beef Coney. Love the Float!

Had 2 hour body massage and 1 hour foot massage at fizzio. Cost RM182 per pax compared to RM130 yesterday.

Food highlight at Chezpapa. Made the reservation two months ago as I have not been here for some time. Always love their escargots and foie gras. Hubby ordered steak and me sea brass for main. Love the mushroom soup too. Located near to pelangi plaza

Supper from Kimdo and hubby had fried rice with vegetable. Love the deboned chicken wings from Kimdo.

JB Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel. Love the bread  dipped in the curry sauce! No wonder the chicken curry is finishing. Love the samosa. The dish which I thought was carrot cake is actually lontong rice fried with egg like the carrot cake. Strange that they did not label the food today. Instead of porridge they have potato soup and instead of the noodle, there is a egg station today.

Wanton mee and most importantly COFFEE at new lucky star coffeeshop. Wanton mee is average as though the mee is also hand made and thus light and springy, it is with dark soy sauce. Still like Ho Seng Lee most. The Coffee is strong and really wake you up. Off to Desaru next!

Chartered a taxi to explore Desaru with Mr Lee. Thought it will only take 6 hours but at the end took more than 7 so we paid him RM250.

Our first stop was the Desaru Fruit Farm A special truck brought us inside the farm. A very enriching experience learning the different plants and trees from the in-house guide. Was given a container of assorted sliced fruits at the end of the tour and we ordered a durian.

 the Roselle drink is made from this

Most banana and flower points downwards but this one points upward.

The whiskers made into drinks.

 There is a museum showcasing some of the traditional tools used in farming.

 There is a mini petting zoo inside the farm.

Our next stop is Batu Layar (Flat Stone) which has some unique rock formation near the coast. A popular beach for the locals.

Feast at Super Lobster restaurant. Very fresh fish and lobsters.

Our last stop at Desaru was the crocodile Farm.

Bought some food back to the hotel. I have always love the 777 char kway tiao and the grilled chicken wings and the muar otah near the hotel.

Day 4
Today's spread not to my liking as the noodle station is serving Tom yum noodle and I don't like spicy food in the morning. Didn't expect the fried noodle to be spicy so just ate porridge

Coffee, soft big bun (really big) and really fresh half boiled eggs made to the right texture. Coffeeshop near hotel opposite new lucky star

Went for massage again. Try out the one at 皇族部落 which is near  the coffeeshop. The price is double (RM349 per pax for 1.5 hr foot and 2 hr body) that of Let's relax but service extremely good. Served watermelon during foot massage. The masseurs are good from China. The worst will be Fizzio where the counter girl pull such a long face and no water to wash the leg before foot massage. Let's relax is also good and they even wash our leg. Just that I prefer Chinese style compared to Thai. But Let's Relax is highly recommended if you want Thai style.
Pleasantly surprised there is a buffet after the massage. Like the tea leave egg and fried bee hoon. I took another plate as hubby managed to finish the one in the photo.
Walked past the coffeeshop and could not resist getting the fritters. Love the you tiao which is so crispy.

Went to Pasar Karat but nothing much there we walked over to Little India and bought a Punjabi dress. After that we ate at KFC in Galleria Mall.

Bought the Vietnamese paper rice roll and coffee from the cart in Plaza Sentosa, same building as our hotel

So happy that the stalls selling the porridge and satay are opened today! The street near to the coffeeshop. As mentioned previously, one street is lined with vendors selling Malay food and the other Chinese food. The porridge is so popular as I see them served and packed more than 100s just standing waiting for mine. Highly recommended. The satay is still the best I have eaten.. so tender and there is a piece of fat which melts in your mouth!

Day 5
There is Nasi Lemak today for breakfast in the hotel - nice.

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